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About Koni's Counseling Philosophy:

My main theoretical perspective in counseling is that of an evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. The basic tenets of this therapy are that we can change and improve as we identify and adjust or change our ineffective or dysfunctional thinking patterns, emotional responses, and behavioral choices. This is not “positive thinking”, but rather taking Scripture literally and “taking each thought captive” and learning how to do that consistently. I believe that our spiritual health is often reflected in our physical, emotional and mental health. God's Word speaks to every single problem in our lives either directly or in context. Many times, changing our distorted thoughts and taking them captive is the first step to not being overwhelmed and controlled by real problems in our lives. This leads to resolving problems and living a more balanced life.  


108 State Street

Lake Charles, LA 70605

Office Hours Available for Sessions (subject to change):

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wed: 12PM - 5PM

Thurs 9AM - 7PM

Fri: 9AM - Noon

Sat. & Sun.: Closed

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